Friday, September 2, 2016

My next book

Dear readers,
Please excuse me for using this blog to promote a book I am writing.

This book is about a scam in sewerage construction in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I am going to use this site only temporarily.

Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to be an excellent student

Hello friends,
I have recently reduced the selling price of my book on how to be an excellent student.
You may buy the soft cover which will be printed by Lulu on order and delivered to you or you may buy the e-book which you can down-load immediately.

I recommend this book very highly for all students and for parents who may consider buying this book as a present for others students.

Click on the following links to order the book.

or on the link at the left hand corner of this article.

Happy studying.
Luqman Michel

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Multiplication made easy

We have learned multiplication of 6 to 10 times table using the fingers. We did this without having to memorize the times table. In time you will automatically have memorized your times table after having worked out many multiplication exercises.

Today we are going to learn yet another way of multiplying without having to learn our 6 to 9 times table.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Casting out 9's

For those of you who have just joined us please look at my posts from July 27th. This is a continuation from that article. This is the 5th and last article on checking answers.
Let us use the same examples used in my article on “Checking answers to addition” dated 2.8.2012.

In this article we are going to check answers in the same way except that we will cancel out numbers adding up to 9. This is just a short cut to the method shown on “checking answers to addition”.

The following is copied from the post dated 2.8.2012:

   24123        2+4+1+2+3  = 12
   43523        4+3+5+2+3  = 17
   32126        3+2+1+2+6  = 14
............                                .....
   99772                                43
...........                                 ......

Reducing our answer 99772 to a single number as in multiplication we get:

    9+9+7+7+2  = 34   now 3+4 = 7

Our check number  43 now 4+3 =7

Now we do the checking but leave out any numbers adding up to nine as shown below:

The first line above:
2+4+1+2+3 = 12    (2+4+3 =9) so we leave out these numbers and only add the remaining numbers
                                 which are          1+2 = 3

The second line above:
4+3+5+2+3 = 17    (4+5=9) so we leave out these two numbers and add only the remaining numbers
                                 which are           3+2+3 =8

The third line above:

3+2+1+2+6 = 14      (3+6 = 9) so we leave those two numbers out and add the remaining numbers
                                   which are          2+1+2 =5

Now adding the 3 results above we get 3+8+5 = 16
16 reduced to a single digit gives us 7.
As you can see 7 is the same as the check number we had worked out without casting out 9’s.

Let us look at the second example from our previous article.

  12541           1+2+5+4+1  = 13
  68922           6+8+9+2+2  = 27
  33442           3+3+4+4+2  = 16
...........                                ....
114905                                  56
..........                                .......

Reducing our answer to a single number we get :

1+1+4+9+0+5 = 20    Now 2+0 = 2

Our check number 56 now 5+6 =11 and 1+1 = 2

On the first line taking out numbers that add up to 9 we have 1+2 +1 = 4
On the second line we take out the 9 digit and we have 6+8+2+2 = 18
Which when reduced to a single number is 9. Casting out 9’s we end up with ‘0’
On the third line taking out numbers adding to 9 we have 3+4   =7

Adding up the lines we get   4+0+7 = 11
Reduced to a single number we get 2.
The check number was 2.

Casting out 9’s is just a simple and fast way to check answers. I am all for ways of reducing our work and achieving good results.

Let us try out one fresh example.

367 X 481 = 176,527

To check if the answer is correct, we cast out the nines and substitute the numbers as we have learnt previously.

The first number 367 (3+6 =9), so that leaves behind 7

The second number 481 (8+1=9), so that leaves behind 4

The last number (answer) 176,527, (2+7 = 9) so that leaves behind 1765
1+7+6+5 = 19
19 reduced to a single number is 1

7X4 = 28 which when reduced to a single number gives us 1.
Our answer is therefore correct.

I am on a project from today till mid October. I will see you all after 15th October.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The magic of number 9

I hope you have informed friends who may be interested in dyslexia to visit my site on dyslexia
and read my latest article on a book my friend Shelley Trammell has written - living lexi

The Magic of number 9

When you multiply any number by nine the digit of the answer will add up to nine.

A few examples will make this clear:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Checking answers to addition

It is always nice to see new followers to my site. Please pass on this site to parents of children in primary schools so more people can benefit from what I have learnt from others over the years. I cannot bring all these information with me so I better share it with as many as possible.

I am going to post an article about a book written by a mother of a dyslexic child. I have not read the book myself but from what the mother has written to me I believe the book would be a good buy. Please pass this information to parents of dyslexic children as well as dyslexics themselves. Watch for my article tomorrow at :

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What phoneme does this grapheme represent

This article is written for my dyslexia blog but I thought that you too may like to read it.

My internet friend Bob Rose said the following in my last post: The question should not be "what phoneme does this grapheme represent?", but rather "What does it represent in THIS PARTICULAR WORD". 

My friends who have seen the performance of my children in school kept urging me to write a book on “How to teach students to study”. As such I decided to write this e-book which is based on what I have taught my children and students to achieve excellent results in school.

It is easy to be a smart student. If you follow the advice given in my book “How to be an excellent student”, you will indeed be an excellent student.

As you can see in ‘About me’ in my blogs I have written short notes on my children who are all top students in their school. Two of my children were in fact among the top in the state of Sabah. All my children have followed my advice and I am certain that, if you follow all the techniques in my book on being an excellent student, you too can be among the tops students in your school, state and country.

To be a smart student, simply do what my children have done – follow the advice in my book on being an excellent student.

Many parents have complained to me over the years that their children are not doing well in school despite studying consistently. This reminds me of the saying by Albert Einstein which says that “Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is insanity”. If you read and read and read day in day out it does not mean you will do well in your examinations.

You have to learn how to be a smart learner. This is what I have explained in detail in my book. If you are one of those students who study relentlessly but achieve only average results than you do have to change your methods and follow what I have written in my book.

If you are a hard working student I am sure that seeing your average results you would have studied even harder and put in more effort. Yes, at the end of the year you again do dismally in your examination. You cannot expect to achieve different results if you continue to do what you have been doing all this while and being an average student. It is time to change your strategy and learn smart.

I have written this book with the hope that students who buy this book will follow the ideas and achieve good results and be top students in their school.